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The Embassy in - . Diplomatic representation of . Information on consular services of the Embassy in . Visa applications, passports, consular statements, legalisation of documents and more. We provide general information about the Embassy in . We have no affiliation with the Embassy or the Embassy visa department in .


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German Information Centre

Within the German Embassy in is a German Information Centre to promote Germany language and culture in affiliation with the German Embassy visa department in and gain support for German politics.

As well as promoting German policies and the German culture, a very important task is to bring German technologies under attention of technology centres abroad.

The German Information Centres are designed soly to support the work of the embassies abroad, just as the Goethe institute which promotes German language and culture through their information and education program's

Consular Assistance

In addition to all the services mentioned above the consular department of the German Embassy offers consular services to German citizens and also certifies signatures and documents.

German Visa

To find out if you need a visa to visit Germany it is best to visit the website of German Embassy in or the German Information centre in .

German Travel documents - German citizens apply for a new passport by submitting an application to the German Embassy in .

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